Youth Inclusion for Violence Prevention 

The Youth Inclusion for Violence Prevention Project, a collaboration between  The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) and  Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies investigates the role of public-sector employment and livelihood support programmes in promoting socio-economic inclusion of youth and preventing violence. It will provide an empirical analysis of the impact and potential of such programmes in South Africa and Kenya to document innovations in how such programmes engage youth and impact on violence prevention. These initiatives will be assessed in terms of the lessons they provide for upscaling and replication in the region and for strengthening regional policy addressing youth inclusion and violence prevention.

The project builds on CSVR’s previous work that documented how the South African government’s Community Work Programme (CWP) prevents violence through building social and civic cohesion that strengthens communities and helps them address the causes and consequences of violence.  On the Kenyan front it will critically assess the extent to which the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KYEP) implemented by the Kenya Government has contributed to youth inclusion in economic and social spheres and the impact on violence. It will also draw insights and build on CHRIPS’ ongoing study of the National Youth Service (NYS) Community Cohorts’ Programme in Kenya.

The project will seek to explore whether lessons from the research can be applied to addressing youth exclusion and marginalisation through the development of more effective strategies of socio-economic inclusion. In addition, it will examine the applicability of policy insights for violence prevention in the region.