Judiciary and Public Interest Litigation in Protecting the Right of Assembly in Kenya
November 25, 2019
High Court decision on demos offends constitutional right of assembly
November 26, 2019
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 On 9 August 2017, a day after Kenyans cast their vote, the first author received a gruesome photo from a human rights activist in Mathare17 depicting the body of a young man whose head had been completely bashed in. A second later, the female activist sent a picture of a protester near Number 10, a neighbourhood in Mathare, at Juja Road and another one of a police officer in riot gear approaching her (the activist) as she tried to document what was happening. During a later phone conversation, she explained that Opposition supporters, mostly neighbours and friends in Mathare, had gathered at different spots to discuss their concerns over alleged irregularities in the process of vote tallying by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). According to the activist, police in riot gear had been waiting in lorries by the roadside and as soon as they got wind of these small groupings, went into Mathare to disperse them by force. In the chaos that followed, one police officer allegedly broke a door to a house, whereas two others started hitting people with huge pieces of wood, wounding several and killing one. Her narration was corroborated by several eyewitnesses during later interviews conducted in November 2017.

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