Effectiveness of Irondo as a community-led security mechanism in Kigali
November 17, 2019
Community Security Initiatives in low-income areas of Kampala
November 19, 2019
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Security provision, such as the protection of people from crimes has traditionally been regarded as a domain of the State. This article makes a case, however, that as the concept of ‘security governance’ would suggest, security provision and organization is presently negotiated and organized differently – by a combination of formal, informal organs and voluntary organizations. Indeed, this is a case about Changanyikeni and Kigezi Chini sub-wards in Dar es Salaam region – where data collection took place through qualitative research approach. Community members from these two sub-wards acknowledged that community-led security mechanisms are more close to the people than the police who always come when incidents of crimes have already occurred and sometimes when people have already been injured. In the view of community members, the number of insecurity incidents decline when community-led security mechanisms, such as patrol units of ulinzi shirikishi (participatory security) are effectively operational.

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