‘Killing a mosquito with a hammer’: Al-Shabaab violence and state security responses in Kenya
November 20, 2019
Violence, security and the policing of Kenya’s 2017 elections
November 22, 2019
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Civil Society Pathways to Peace and Security: The Peace and Security for Development Programme in Coastal Kenya.

Mutuma Ruteere & Patrick Mutahi

This Chapter examines how security agendas are articulated at local levels, how development concerns intersect with security priorities, accountability concerns and the linkages between conflict resolution process and security objectives. While security agencies and actors continue to be active in the region, it is the civil society incorporation in the war on terror in the coastal region of Kenya that is of interest to this chapter. It  analyses the Peace and Security for Development (PSD) initiative, which brings together five civil society groups operating in the Coastal region, working on counter-radicalization.

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