The Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies is best known as a source for innovative and policy relevant research on security, human rights, terrorism and counter terrorism, violence, crime and policing in Africa.  Since its inception, publishing remains an integral part of the organization’s work. CHRIPS aims to distribute knowledge and research outputs to a wide audience through books, reports, journals and policy briefs. Our publications have been extensively used by academics, research scholars and policy makers.

August 31, 2017

The Impact of Social Media and Digital technology on Electoral Violence in Kenya

December 2, 2019

Rights group launches Policing Protests in Kenya

December 2, 2019

Report show poor training of anti-riot officers

December 2, 2019

Book Review : Intricate balance between policing and human rights

December 2, 2019

How Kenya can resolve youth unemployment crisis

November 27, 2019

Police Perceptions, Attitude and Preparedness in Managing Public Assemblies

November 26, 2019

High Court decision on demos offends constitutional right of assembly

November 26, 2019

‘Ready to Shoot!’ Vs ‘Ready to Loot! The Violent Potentialities of Demonstrations in Kenya

November 25, 2019

Judiciary and Public Interest Litigation in Protecting the Right of Assembly in Kenya

November 24, 2019

Manoeuvring Through Legal Ambiguity: Dispersing of Unlawful Protests in Kenya

November 22, 2019

Violence, security and the policing of Kenya’s 2017 elections

November 21, 2019

Civil Society Pathways to Peace and Security: The Peace and Security for Development Programme in Coastal Kenya

November 20, 2019

‘Killing a mosquito with a hammer’: Al-Shabaab violence and state security responses in Kenya