The introduction of the devolved system of   governance in 2010 precipitated changes in various sectors, sometimes blurring the lines of the demarcation envisaged by the constitution and in other cases, introducing new dynamics. In particular, the constitution is explicit that security is the mandate of the national government. Nevertheless, devolution has introduced new variables to the processes that generate security and insecurity as well as to the management of security in general.

Kenya’s complex security challenges and their policies responses must therefore be understood within this devolved governance context. Since 2010, the Government has been carrying out reforms in the security sector aimed at improving security and safety by enhancing effectiveness, accountability, professionalism in the security sector.

CHRIPS seeks to contribute to the improvement of security in the country by providing technical advice and sharpening capacities of the intended recipients to identify, evaluate and invest in the most viable approaches that can be used to meet these critical priorities.

Our partners include the Embassy of Denmark (DANIDA).