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August 20, 2018
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Safety in CVE Research

Researchers and practitioners in the field of violent extremism often operate within complex and dynamic social and political contexts. As a practitioner in violent extremism, it is therefore essential that you plan your work taking into account the risk environment, and remain security conscious throughout. Researchers and organisations working on CVE should analyse the threats they are likely to face and understand the unique risks that a violent extremism project would bring.

Capacity Strengthening Workshop for CVE Researchers

Capacity Strengthening Workshop for CVE Researchers. August 2018, Photo Credit: CHRIPS

Security incidents and security-related decisions can have an influence, not just on the safety of the researcher/practitioners, but also on research outcomes. Their organisations, respondents, interpreters and research assistants (mostly drawn from the community where the research or work is taking place) are also affected by security incidents.

The video below ‘Security and Safety challenges in CVE Research in Kenya’  shows how CVE practitioners can protect themselves while in the line of duty.  Ms. Salome Nduta of the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Kenya (NCHRD-K) talks about the challenges, potential options and recommendations for enhancing the security and safety of CVE practitioners.

Watch this and more videos on countering violent extremism from the CVE Research Hub.

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