Consultancy to Design, Develop and Host a CVE Virtual Platform and Knowledge Repository to Support CVE Research Activities in Kenya

    The Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies (CHRIPS) is a leading international African research centre based in Kenya that conducts high quality policy relevant research on human rights, security, terrorism and counter-terrorism, violence, crime and policing. Registered in 2009 in Kenya, as a nongovernmental organization, CHRIPS actively engages academics, policy makers and other key stakeholders in the generation and dissemination of new knowledge that facilitates the development of innovative and effective policy solutions to the pertinent security challenges in Africa.

    Project Background
    Violent extremism presents a serious and growing threat to security, development and welfare in Kenya and the wider region. Numerous stakeholders are engaged in Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) throughout the country to reduce violence and build peace in conflict-affected and vulnerable communities, and increasing amounts of state and donor funding is directed at this area. Yet work in this area is often diffuse and disjointed. Further, considerable efforts are undocumented, or under the radar, though making important contributions to the goal of reducing the risk of violent extremism.

    The CVE Hub will address these gaps through the creation of a network of expert researchers, practitioners and policymakers, led by CHRIPS, and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS, UK). The research hub will serve as a centre of excellence in research on policy, practice and theory in Kenya. This will be achieved by bringing together researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and grassroots activists and community-based organisations from across Kenya to share and exchange ideas, build relationships, and network among scholarly and practitioner communities working in CVE in Kenya.

    Through this exchange and network, the CVE Research Hub will support and facilitate high-quality research, practice and policy that is evidence-based; founded on rigorous, high-quality research; inspired by best practices and successes; coordinated and connected across disparate stakeholders; and monitored and mapped for accountability, transparency and effectiveness

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